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thus an exchange vision for the good if we could government says it will heat the protesters demands but demonstrators say that we is a beautiful. and the political system has been manipulated to allow the president and his backers to stay in power one step forward would be to reveal now who is. one of the persons why be removed from his into realized i mean this is brother running the show. are the security people still running the show or the new prime minister really a person who has authority. the protesters fear the government is saying it will listen but nothing will change. al-jazeera. still ahead for you on the program eight years on we take a look at where syria's war now stands and what the future might hold for those still suffering. and toxic chemicals. in malaysia of course
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thousands of villages to seek treatment. hello there there's a good deal of joy whether i have a pulse of southeast china at the moment you can see on the satellite picture though good good deal of bright white cloud in the northern parts of our map but it's not really bringing us too much in the way of significant rain at the moment that cloud will be thickening up around the hunan province there was we had three saturday and by sunday it was like it's going to be bringing us some really quite heavy rains here towards the south largely fine and dry the temperatures in hong kong getting to around twenty three or twenty four degrees at the moment now for the northeastern parts of india we've been seeing quite a bit of cloud you can see it here working its way also across parts of bangladesh that's moving away so things here will be drying out as we head through the day on saturday cool cats there is now getting pretty hot though right about thirty four
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degrees on saturday towards the west is also rather warm for see new delhi our maximum getting to around twenty eight for the foothills of the himalayas it could be a little bit more in the way of cloud nothing too heavy rain wise towards the west has actually been fair amount of what weather here in doha see the latest system making its way across us and across the u.s. as well that clears away and it does look a good deal dry if a saturday but then things begin to build again as we head through sunday you'll see this clown working its way across us bringing us maybe a few showers for sunday twenty eight degrees will be a marksman. these everywhere choking off planet very toxic and very dangerous and we could spend years cleaning this i think a lot of good breakthroughs being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with the snow in a substance and simply running up the bank and they can be picked up on the be
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prepared to move on plastic waste. on al-jazeera out here. and. i'll come back just a quick look at the top stories forty nine people have been killed in an attack on two mosques in the new zealand city of christchurch this is the worst mass attack in the nation's history a man in his late twenty's has been charged with murder and will appear in court in the coming hours. and for the fourth consecutive friday thousands of protesters have gathered in algeria demanding regime change and for the immediate departure of
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president abdelaziz bouteflika. tax on the two mosques in new zealand has also focused attention on the impact of social media on these types of incidents after the shoot out film the attack at the al-noor mosque in a facebook live video post facebook has since deleted the post and then later announce that it's to set up a new detection technology and an online resource hub to help people respond when abuse occurs so let's now cross to doha news room has been following the reaction as it's unfolding on social media andrew. well marion there's certainly a big conversation happening online about that video footage that you mentioned of this particular event and what responsibility these social media platforms have now we've made a decision as a channel not to show any of the seventeen minute long video video that was broadcast on facebook and the new zealand police have also urged the public not to
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share links to extremely distressing footage but i must say it is all over the internet now drew harwell is a technology reporter for the washington post who puts this into a bit of scope for us now before it was live streams on facebook the shooter announced what he was going to do on eight chan now that's a anonymous message board which is dedicated to free speech but many think that it's one of the most vile websites on the internet because of the hate speech that is tolerated there on hate chat on eight chan rather his comments is manifest so in the video itself were praised by other anonymous users now that clip was an reposed on you tube that company says that it is working vigilantly to remove any violent footage it was discussed on reddit reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet and the name of the forum in which it was discussed is called watch people die people were narrating the video some praising the shooters sharing screen shots and other links facebook has released a statement saying our hearts go out to the victims their families and the
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community affected by the horrendous shootings in new zealand police alerted us to a video on facebook shortly after the live stream commenced and we quickly removed both the shooter's facebook and instagram accounts and the video we're also removing any praise or support for the crime and the shooter or shooters as soon as we are aware we will continue working directly with new zealand police as their response and investigation continues so there's a lot of questions out there for facebook namely how something like this could be live stream for so long for seventeen minutes the u.k. home secretary. has asked these platforms to address this in. he says that they must stop violent extremism from being promoted on their platforms take some ownership he says enough is enough considine is a sociologist in the united states who says that this attack hit a nerve for him and he shared his thoughts without zerah in light of the terrorist attacks in new zealand it is more imperative than ever for christians and people of
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all faith and all conscious to come together in the spirit of brotherhood sisterhood in our common humanity to support and defend muslims when we hear people say muslims are our enemy we must stand up and condemn it we must respond by saying no muslims are our friends our neighbors our loved ones our doctors our coworkers our lawyers when we hear people say islam hates us we must condemn it and say no we can respond by looking at the qur'an the spirit of the qur'an the compassion in the mercy that we see in this holy book is part of the solution to the world's ills it's time for all of us to rise up in the spirit of peace and even though these horrors were broadcast live on facebook we have seen many people using that particular platform for good posting messages of support both from the new zealand and its muslim community this woman for example had this message to the muslims in
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her community saying whatever you need to feel safe we will do all we can to help maria definitely has raised some very serious questions about the role of social media in all of this thank you very much under schapelle and. now the war might be winding down but it's certainly not a is into the conflict and millions of people feel they have no place in bashar assets area they know how to reports now from beirut. eighty years of human suffering. syrians continue to bury their children. sixteen year old mohammed and his fourteen year old sister army were killed in government artillery strikes. we buried them in a mass grave i didn't see them because it would be unbearable they were burned no flesh no burns.
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there is an active frontline between the government and opposition in the southern countryside of rebel controlled where a ceasefire should be in place. was instead almost two hundred civilians have been killed since the beginning of the year. thousands have been forced to flee in recent weeks adding to the millions already displaced many of them displaced multiple times. the bombardment forced us to leave our home in the northern countryside of homs we escaped to aleppo and to east homs. and know if we had to move from the frontlines there is nowhere safe. there is little peace even in government controlled territories where rights groups report arbitrary arrests and a return to repressive rule so-called reconciliation agreements in former opposition held areas are not being respected.
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the most recent cases we documented were in six civil defense volunteers which time for no reason there are many other cases where people are afraid to provide information because they fear the intelligence services. the absence of the rule of law and accountable security agencies for some of the reasons why syrians were belled in two thousand and eleven the regime refused reforms back then and chose to crackdown pushing the opposition to take up arms. the syrian president is still refusing demands for change the international community wants bashar assad to engage in a credible political process that would lead to a new constitution and free elections but political reform would mean giving up power and the syrian leadership is unlikely to hand over what it didn't lose on the battlefield. for us the war has been won
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some countries have already started to normalize ties with his government but much of the international community hold accepted until political reforms are in place. and there remains the problem in the north of the country much of which is not controlled by the government and is being fought over by the many interested parties and the millions who live there can't and won't return to assad to syria for them the war is far from over. beirut. we can protest along the gaza israel fans have been perspire in the hours after israeli airstrikes hit the besieged strip israeli military saying some one hundred hamas targets were struck early on friday it was in response to a rare rocket attack on the israeli city of tel aviv a rocket fire was the first to target israeli cities since two thousand and fourteen the exchange of fire is raising fears of a possible escalation in conflict from the. what happens is the new israeli
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aggression against gaza out a tweet a series of its crimes including the main one the continuation of the siege of the gaza strip our people will continue their struggle to break the siege despite this aggression the resistance is ready to defend its people and is committed to calm as long as the occupation is. out talks that chemicals dumped into a river in southern malaysia of course thousands of villages to seek hospital treatment three abreast have been made as police investigate the pollution linked to rubber tire every cycling as lawrence louis reports from passer a good dung in the southern state of johor more than one hundred schools have had to close indefinitely. nor. is worried about his younger sister she was admitted to a hospital intensive care unit when she complained of difficulty breathing. he's appointed seeing hospital and. they came here took some samples and then left they didn't seem interested in helping those. it's been
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a week since it was discovered that between twenty and forty tons of chemical waste had been dumped into the river near their homes were standing right next to the kim kim river which is where the toxic chemicals were dumped now people here tell us the usually gets worse at night it's an acrid burning smell that smells like tires or plastic being burnt and even just standing here for a few minutes we get. this stadium has been turned into a twenty four hour first response medical center at least three and a half thousand people have sort of medical attention for the fumes in the past week. many of the patients complain of suffering from some a shivering and some say. the government initially considered declaring a state of emergency in the area but now say that the situation is under control. but still we. need.
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to see the cleanup operations of the river have begun with the government appointing contractors to help it has. it but we have. removing this material and i think that's reduced and now we find the sports which is really having some. a one and a half kilometers stretch of the river is thought to have been affected the government says toxic substances found in samples taken from the river are linked to chemicals used to recycle tie is three people have been arrested in connection with the toxic dumping florence. state malaysia. troubles like has made landfall in mozambique bringing with it wind speeds of up to two hundred twenty five kilometers per hour over five hundred thousand residents in
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the coastal city of barrow are without power cables with downed at least two hundred twenty six people have been killed in mozambique malawi and south africa as heavy rains hit the region over the past week a treaty to ban plastic waste from being dumped in the sea is being discussed in kenya it's one of several resolutions under consideration at a un environment summit catherine so i reports from nairobi. on the sidelines of the united nations and vironment assembly of baghdad i'm holding here was actually woven. craft from nigeria by women from hyacinth a plant that has invaded waterways in more than fifty countries across a wild including kenya where the u.n. summit is being held at the plant of actually very rich in methane and methane is a greenhouse gas so what people would say you know what we're trying to do here is
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actually in. methane emissions to the atmosphere because if it's in. an environment conducive for the generation of methane that's bad to the environment climate change greenhouse gases and pollution have been top of the agenda in this we can all meeting in such events innovations to deal with climate change and felicia not often displayed like this transmeta used to check the quality of the egg room so luxo how does it work. yes it's a small device for measuring dangerous pollutants in there so it has small sensors inside that measure the dangers crassus fine particles which are dangerous for your health. using these come back to why sees the authorities come install them in large quantities and get a very good picture of the air quality situation in a city so this is a very important u.n. summit and has a station delegates who are here saying that more needs to be done to mitigate what
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is an environmental crisis delegates here have been told that africa is only responsible for four percent of the global greenhouse gas emission yet more than sixty percent of its population is affected that's why the continent's role in mitigating climate change is crucial the u.n. wants wealthy governments to keep a promise of raising a hundred billion dollars. annually for five years from twenty twenty to help poor countries adapt to a hotter planet the specifics of this finding will be discussed father in the climate change summit to be held in new york in september the global g.d.p. is roughly about seventy percent private sector and thirty percent public sector so we're trying to solve one hundred percent problem with thirty percent of the money that's never going to work so we really need to focus on private finance and once you create the right conditions for investment which is possible to policy
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prescriptions policy interventions why governments then private finance one flaw in a bridge where heads of state who attended this un environment assembly say to the world is facing an environmental crisis. we need to be very specific in terms of how to reduce emissions in our own national strategies with our businesses our investors via our laws we need them to have specific solutions in the end the delegates made several resolutions including a plan for zero tolerance on plastic pollution in our oceans and the legal treaty to ban plastics from entering the sea but the decisions made here depend on the political will of individual governments catherine soy al jazeera nairobi. just a quick look at the stories making headlines for you now there has been global condemnation after forty nine people were killed after
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a gunman opened fire on worship as it to waltz in the new zealand city of christchurch police have charged a man in his late twenties with murder he will appear in court shortly to are armed suspects are also being held in custody new zealand's prime minister described this as a terrorist attack and an unprecedented act of violence we new zealand. we were not a target because we are a safe harbor for those who hate. we were not true isn't for this act of violence because we can darn racism because we are in on clay for extremism. we were chosen for the very fix that we are in none of these things worshipers of the christ church mosques were from several muslim majority countries in the attract the attack has drawn widespread criticism across the globe in turkey thousands took to the streets to protest the killings turkish president rajdeep type of link to the attacks to what he called the rise of islamophobia worldwide he urged western
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countries to take immediate action for the fourth consecutive friday thousands of protesters have gathered in algeria demanding regime change and for the immediate departure of president abdul aziz beautifully algeria's new prime minister nuri dean attempted to respond to protest as demands by saying that he would form a new technocratic government open to all beautifully has already reversed a decision to stand for a fifth term but stopped short of stepping down saying that he will stay on until a new constitution is adopted but protests as the saying the changes are just cosmetic with the aim of keeping beautifully in power malaysian authorities is still dealing with a toxic waste dump which is poison more than two thousand people it's believed the waste was dumped into a river in the southern state of johor and hazardous fumes spread across the nearby area about two hundred schools and nurseries have now been closed in up to date
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with all of our top stories i will see you in a couple of hours' time earthrise is coming up next on out there stay with us. cheap and fast tile plastic is used for everything furniture tools storage containers clothing even tea bags and glitter on birthday cards it's hard to
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imagine modern life without it. so much has been created that scientists to calculate the total amount ever made it eight point three billion tons. and most of these items they used for only short periods of time or even just once before being discarded to later land and see. if nothing is done we are heading towards a planet so full of plastic that the health of plants animals and humans alike will be threatened. and yet fossil fuel companies are investing billions of dollars in producing even more of it. we urgently need to rethink how we manage the plastic we use o. find an alternative. actually a shot on the west coast of canada to meet people dedicated to clearing plastic waste from our oceans. imo marconi for in france where a movement is afoot to river country of oil based plastic.
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and not only in that plastic waste can be found on every beach in the world. from the business beaches to the most isolated and uninhabited islands now no shoreline is untouched by plastic. and if the current rate of global production continues there could be more plastic than fish by weight in our seas by two thousand and fifty. him british columbia people have decided enough is enough and i'm taking strive to stop the tragic destruction of our ocean. ocean legacy is a local foundation whose aim is to tackle the growing problem of plastic pollution along the twenty five thousand kilometers of coastline here. chloe dubois is one of the founders we are now i'm free to reach here. all right the first. the british columbia coast is made up of deep inlets and rugged
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island shorelines so helicopter travel isn't just a joyride it's essential. today we're headed to the clyde quite sound and one of the forty thousand islands that dot the coastline here. these trains are a bit tricky. it's really hard to tell just how much debris is actually here because of the logs and rocks we could spend years cleaning this island alone and being activated that there's about five point two five trillion piece of property in the ocean right now and a lot of those pieces that are free to move wherever they want to on the planet aside from you know the unsightly mess of pollution on the. problem as. possible because when. it turns out little sponges so any chemicals that are in the water will begin to absorb these chemicals in the parts and pieces and this is very toxic and very dangerous. every day we're finding
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new animal or whale that's been washed ashore with stomachs full of plastic. given the amount of plastic here i'm not surprised wildlife is suffering we let it. out for us oh it's a yeah you can tell this is an old refrigerator there's no way we could make a dent cleaning the speech by ourselves fortunately reinforcements are on the way so they gave it our bringing more and more volunteers to this remote area and it got to be so every two dozen volunteers that. many here come from different local environmental groups overall there are five thousand volunteers to call upon across the region. but with so much coastline to monitor chloe and her team rely on tip offs posted on the ocean legacy website to prioritize the most crucial locations. i found the forty foot.
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idea here fair yaseen these are bare. here in the foam as it smells fishy so when it washes up on shore. is searching for food and mistakes the sarah from from being a few. ones collected the plastic is ready for transport back to the mainland i am going to learn how to use playing our cats one of these super pacs and i hope. the helicopter so i can lift it out of here when you drop so far all around the world can run over to you guys i want to get out. since ocean legacy started the team of collected over five tons of plastic off islands like this. and they're keeping most of it out of landfills too. but what happens to the plastic they collect chloe's invited me back to the recycling center in vancouver to find out.
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what's the next step in the process we take all of these are random hard plastic items and we're going to shred them up. the fragments will then be sold on to companies who will breathe new life into that styrofoam will become picture frames and picnic benches while bits of old tires will hit the road again as new tires. ocean legacy is even starting to engage high street companies such as lush cosmetics who are using recycled plastic for their signature packaging so in order to make the black pots we've needed to turn this material basically into something that looks like this. so it's still a very small project but we're looking now in our own isolation to grow this much larger to engage more industry and more cleanup groups so that we can help create an economic value for these materials they're organized as a nonprofit foundation which means that all their profits get funneled into research education and more clean up nothing goes to waste here. so why are we
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turning this into the next that make us. what that's. how are you turning this into fuel. it's a clever solution plastic is made from fossil fuels after all. to learn more chloe is taking me to the boat where they have a prototype they're developing on a larger scale. we've set our parameters and the machine is essentially heating up and will start to vaporize the plastic. the plastic is converted into fuel through a process of thermal decomposition called pyrolysis the machine is air tight and oxygen free so that the plastic doesn't burn as the temperature heats up to four hundred ten degrees celsius it melts to become a liquid and then a gas this passes through a tube into a container filled with cool water where it condenses and forms oil. so who could obtain a machine like us the larger scale technology that we're looking to develop would
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be ideal for remote coastal or even island communities that don't have readily accessible fuel sources that are and are also inundated with classic pollution everywhere it makes sense that these remote communities can use that plastic as a resource to write something that will benefit. the community. the machine will take three hours to turn the plastic into fuel in the meantime i'm off to check out another project less focus on recycling and more on changing mindsets it's an artist and author douglas copeland studio on the other side of town what are you looking at here are the signs all of these are just big global head dogs there's a twentieth century twentieth century way of looking at plastic or something shiny and feel great there's like reality in the world right now in our adjusting to that and so these guys here plastic boy plastic girl they will be representing the
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future these figures are part of douglas's installation at the vancouver aquarium and i'm getting them ready for their debut. to like you know only he says. oh look fat with. douglas is using eleven tons of ocean plastic in his show. what inspired jared to create this installation piece his place in charlotte island four years ago i was up there and plastic bottles recently washing up on my sacred beach and really it was like you know vandalizing moment for me so i thought well let's make an image of the trash one which has been motional untangled to it i guess copeland isn't pretending to offer solutions but he is hoping to engage audiences who ordinarily wouldn't stop to think about the problem and ultimately he's hoping we can turn things around before it's too late. i'm heartened by the
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energy british columbia is putting into tackling the problem of plastic pollution before i leave i want to return to the ocean legacy both to see how much fuel the machine has produced. something different color. separating into different. yeah so what's needed coming out of this machine is a mixed oil and in that oil we can separate into cursing oil and petroleum products so you can record tricity from it power your lawn mower heat your home how are you using this you currently we're not making enough of the fuel to use it in a practical application so this is just our small pilot we've really got the world's interest rate now in launching these units worldwide. the fuel will emit greenhouse gases and other pollutants but at least it takes plastic out of circulation and reduces the need for fossil fuel extraction. so can we use it in
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the. let's do it ok. ready. ocean legacy are planning to roll out these machines starting in british columbia in one year's time they aren't the first organization to try to turn plastic into fuel or to recycling. but what impresses me about chloe and her team is the determination which drives them to take a multi-pronged approach to tackling plastic pollution is a problem that won't go away if we continue to use and discard such huge amounts of plastic. but what i've seen here gives me hope that if other groups around the world were to work in similar ways it could be possible to make a real difference. around the world more than
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forty countries have imposed laws to cut down on plastics. in two thousand and two bangladesh was the first to prohibit than plastic bags after they clocked storm drains during devastating floods. and in malaysia's federal territories a recent ban has been imposed on plastic bags in favor of biodegradable income possible bags and food containers. while in kenya it's become illegal to produce sell and use plastic bags with a penalty of up to four years in jail or a forty thousand dollars fine. but is it too little too late plastics may be being banned on land but they've already made their way into the sea. floating between california and hawaii is a massive comfort trash known as the great pacific garbage patch it's the size of texas and still growing. one.


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